Kick off Fedora 18 with a Bang!

I published the Musicians' Guide for Fedora 18 earlier today (link).

Now that the Audio Creation SIG has our own spin (whether or not it's official yet), I'd like to try moving forward with revisions to improve the Musicians' Guide. I have virtually no spare time, and that's my reality for the forseeable future, so instead I'd like to encourage everybody who uses Fedora's music/audio software to contribute!

When you contribute to documentation for free software, you're making it easier for somebody else to take their first steps into unknown territory. Comprehensive, accessible documentation is, in my opinion, one of the most important tools we have when trying to spread free software to new users.

Here are two easy ways to join in...

  1. Check out our list of bugs (here).
If you see something that you can do (or do part of), just add your proposed changes as a comment on the Bugzilla issue. Maybe you can rewrite an entire chapter or section, one paragraph a day. Later on, I'll pick up your revised version, add the Docs Project-specific markup, and publish your changes with Fedora 19!
  1. Start using the Musicians' Guide, and report issues (also on Bugzilla).

The biggest challenge I have in maintaining this 270-page document is that, because I know there are tons of different areas for improvement, it's difficult to know where to start. Feedback from real users is invaluable in helping to know where to spend my time. Even if it's as simple as fixing a typo, clarifying a sentence, or including/excluding additional information, your feedback is extremely important.

And heck, let us know when things are going well, too!