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Combining experience as a musician, humanities scholar, and web application developer, Christopher brings a uniquely human-centric perspective to every project.

Currently working at Evenset in Toronto, Canada.

Some Recent Projects


nCoda is an open, collaborative, and scriptable music notation application for technically-inclined musicians of the future. Paradoxically built on Web technologies yet offering the power of Python, nCoda is one solution to a host of problems musicians have had for decades.


Zhen is a Chinese-English translating dictionary, still in progress. It will be a progressive web app focussed on simplicity. I'm writing it first because I want to use it, but also to help me learn SQL and learn how to write a web app without any front-end frameworks.

Cantus Web App

The Cantus Web App is a Progressive Web App and server for the Cantus Database of Mediaeval church music. The user interface is built in JavaScript ES2015 with React, connecting to the server with a purpose-built RESTful HTTP API. The API server uses Python 3 with Tornado, and searching via Solr.

Reconsidering Bartók's “The Miraculous Mandarin”

With Lydia Huang. We produced two new readings of Bartók’s pantomime by examining the power relations through which we engage with the work, and how that affects our relationship to the characters' identities. Our interpertations provide a dramatically new perspective on this uniquely polyvalent work.

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