I am a music scholar (nominally a music theorist). I have studied at McGill University (in Montréal) and Wilfrid Laurier University (in Waterloo, Ontario).

Summary Research Interests

  • Subjectivity
  • Computer-driven music analysis
  • Early 20th century orchestral music

Summary Non-research Interests

  • Food
  • Difference
  • Technology

NOTE: This iteration of my website is still a work-in-progress. I'm in the process of making everything beautiful, but in the meantime, much of it is pretty messy. Already I consider it a functional step up from the previous version of my website. That's why you see this, here, instead of the more beautiful but less useful previous version.

Recent Writings


Have you ever left somewhere, gone somewhere else, and forgotten why you went?

For example: leave your living room, go to the kitchen. But why? I’m holding a cup… did I just want to wash it, or was I going to refill it?

I just realized I have an ...

more ...